Dentyl Active

Dentyl Active Mouthwashes differs significantly from other mouthwashes. It contains a mix of essential oils and antibacterial agents and as acts as a multiphase cleaner. Dentyl Active is the only mouthwash with a powerful double action that helps clean your teeth and gums while it freshens your breath. Dentyl Active Mouthwash removes bacteria, food debris and other deposits and leave your mouth feeling fresh and fantastic for up to 18 hours.

Dentyl Active Mouthwashes are available in 2 varieties.

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter
Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash
is alcohol-free, it taste great and takes on the plaque on your teeth and gums. It comes in Smooth Mint and Fresh Clove flavours.

Dentyl Active Complete Care
Dentyl Active Complete Care Mouthwash gives you with alcohol free, complete oral care for healthy teeth and gums. Gets rid of oral bacteria. Retain moisture. Combat cavities and strengthen teeth. Provides 18 hours of long lasting fresh breath with Zabactyl and Menthol. It comes in Icy Mint and Icy Cherry flavours.