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Established in 2010, Pharmacydepot.co.uk is a new online pharmacy, offering thousands of health and beauty products to allow customers a greater choice and convenience than ever before.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk offers health and beauty products at highly discounted prices compared to the High Street RRP prices, but maintains the highest possible pharmaceutical standards.

One of the objectives and main goals of Pharmacydepot.co.uk is to supply cheaper products to consumers who have access to the Internet and ensure delivery of those products within 24 hours. Pharmacydepot.co.uk is a dedicated Internet and mail order pharmacy, being able to serve the ever-increasing number of consumers who are unable or reluctant to visit their local high street pharmacy.

By supplying you, the consumer, directly through the various channels available via the Internet, pharmacydepot.co.uk can save you up to 90% off the cost of numerous well-known and popular health and beauty products in your local high street pharmacy.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk offers an extensive variety of services including pharmacy and OTC (over-the-counter) medicines as well as veterinary products, mobility products, vitamins and health supplements, family planning and sexual wellbeing products, toiletries, electrical items and baby care products. All the above services and its products and more will be delivered direct to your doorstep without having to leave comfort of your own living room.

Fully qualified pharmacists who will strive to provide you, the consumer, with informative yet confidential discussions regarding your medical issues and symptoms, continuously supervise the services and oversee all medicinal purchases made via pharmacydepot.co.uk.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk has embraced new technology, which has allowed us to introduce new and innovative services, such as electronic requesting of repeat prescriptions, NHS or Private.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk as mentioned above, offers an extensive variety of services and this includes for the public. Our Online Doctor Consultation service offers confidential, convenient, quick and secure consultation over the web from GMC (General Medical Council) qualified doctors, and a experienced team of internal pharmacists, at the touch of a button to provide you, the consumer, with the best and most informative advice on ailments and illnesses via e-mail.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk also offers veterinary products and mobility products. Our dedicated veterinary section has an extensive range of approved and licensed medicines, which can be purchased without a prescription or with a prescription from your vet. We range all the best sellers including Frontline, Bob Martin, Johnsons and Program.

Our dedicated mobility section has one of the most extensive range of products sourcing the best quality products from all over the work direct from manufacturers at the best possible prices. Our range includes Mobility/Walking Aids, Medicinal Sundries, Bathroom/Toilet Aids, Support/Orthopaedic Products, Home/Daily-Living Aids & Incontinence Aids as well as a comprehensive repair service.

Fully regulated and approved by UK Government bodies, member of the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) and fully adhering to the standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) pharmacydepot.co.uk is continuously supervised by fully qualified pharmacists who will strive to provide you, the consumer, with informative yet confidential discussions regarding your medical issues and symptoms, and will oversee all medicinal purchases made via pharmacydepot.co.uk.

Pharmacydepot.co.uk and its team have established distinctive procedures and unique safeguards to allow its fully qualified pharmacists to ensure and verify the suitability of a medicine for a particular patient and guarantee its safe and secure delivery.

Every single order is checked and our team may ask questions in order to gather more information if we feel the customer is ordering excessive quantities of medication. It is important to note that our pharmacists reserve the right to refuse any sort of medication if they feel and/or suspect the products are being misused, mishandled or there is a risk to patient safety. We strictly adhere to the GPhC’s internet guidelines to establish these procedures and safeguards.

Information on the Pharmacy can be obtained by clicking on the following link: http://www.pharmacyregulation.org

Pharmacydepot.co.uk is operated by Online Depot Limited. It is run by fully qualified pharmacists and operates from a registered pharmacy premises at:

KK House, Unit 1-7,
Colonial Way,
WD24 4YR,
United Kingdom

Registered No.: 06549165
VAT Registration No.: 973668956
GPhC Registration No.: 1092654
NPA Membership No.: 39931

Superintendent Pharmacist: B Shah GPhC Reg No. 2018495

Online Depot Limited Company Details :
Registered No : 09206060
VAT Registration No : 195044793